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Natural Rubber

Substituting natural rubber with recycled rubber powder helps preserve rainforests by reducing the demand for deforestation to establish new rubber plantations.

Stack of Tires

Waste Hierarchy

The optimal approach involves separating and recycling the original materials. In the case of tires, these materials are predominantly rubber and steel. This separation and recycling process,, allows for the reuse of materials.


Carbon Emissions

A study published in the "Resources, Conservation and Recycling" journal found that using recycled tire material for road construction could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional road materials.

Solar Panels

Mathe Gp

First tyre recycler to generate 0.5MW of renewable energy from Solar Power

Annually, Mathe Group recycles over 200,000 post-consumer radial truck tires in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa. This effort plays a crucial role in preventing the disposal of these tires in residential, industrial, and rural areas of KZN, thus mitigating both physical and visual environmental harm.


In the modern context, post-consumer tires, those permanently removed from vehicles, are increasingly valorized and recognized as valuable raw materials.


This is especially relevant as the Circular Economy gains momentum for future sustainability. Material recycling, as one of the primary means of valorization, results in a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable materials for a wide range of consumer and industrial products.

Cradle to Cradle Illustration of Tire Recycling

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution


Mathe Gp

The cradle-to-cradle methodology represents an optimal strategy for minimizing waste associated with the usage of specific products.

At the Mathe Gp plant, all recycled rubber is derived exclusively from tires. Consequently, our objective is to consistently produce rubber of a caliber that allows it to directly replace virgin rubber in the formulation of new tire compounds on a one-to-one ratio.

However, it is important to note that during the vulcanization process, which is integral to the manufacturing of new tires, rubber undergoes irreversible changes in some of its properties. As a result, recycled tire rubber, despite its high quality, may not fully replicate the exact properties of virgin rubber.


Ensure that you select a product of high quality and with comprehensive documentation.


ISO 9001

Quality Management System

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Health & Safety

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