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Mathe Group
Your Development Partner 


We possess in-depth knowledge of our products' properties, and we understand their application in the industry for over a decade.


You are aware of your products' composition and understand how recycled rubber can be utilized as a substitute for virgin materials.


We collaborate with companies of various sizes to deliver innovative solutions that incorporate rubber crumb across multiple industries.


Together, we can tailor a solution for you that is not only of high quality but also technically sound and economically viable.

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At Mathe Gp, our goal is to partner with our customers to explore novel applications for recycled materials derived from end-of-life tyres. We provide a range of high-quality, pure, and consistent recycled rubber products, encompassing everything from ultra-fine rubber powder to coarse granulate. Our Innovation Department is dedicated to collaborating with your technical team to identify and develop the most effective solutions for your specific development projects.

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